Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I build a house to my own design and choose my builder?
A: Yes, at Parkview Waters you are free to design your own home to match your budget, lifestyle and personality, and to select your preferred builder. To ensure the quality and integrity of the development, however, all plans must meet the building covenants.
Q: Is Parkview Waters a retirement village?
A: No, Parkview Waters is for everyone whatever their age. It does, however, offer the similar benefits you would expect in a retirement village with none of the restrictions.
Q: Are the sections freehold?
A: Yes they are, and you have an equal share with the other residents in the community facilities and grounds. This will improve the value of your section and increase the potential for capital growth.
Q: Can my friends and family come to stay?
A: Absolutely. This is your home with freehold title and there are no restrictions on who lives with you or visits you.
Q: Can I have pets?
A: Yes, subject of course to local council regulations.
Q: Can I sell whenever I like?
A: Yes, it is a freehold title and you are able to put your property on the market whenever you choose.
Q: Are there any penalties or costs when I sell?
A: No. Parkview Waters does not charge any fees when you sell and you are able to sell your home privately or through real estate agents of your choice.
Q: Can anyone use the facilities at Parkview Waters?
A: Only residents and their invited guests have the privilege of using the great facilities at Parkview Waters. They are not open to the public.
Q: Who is responsible for looking after the facilities to ensure they are properly maintained?
A: An onsite manager will be responsible for looking after Parkview Waters and ensuring the grounds and facilities are maintained to the highest standard.
Q: Can I rent my property?
A: Yes and the onsite manager will be available to assist in this if required.

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